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I have lived and I am still living an extraordinary life

I escaped communist Romania in 1978 for Israel with only 20 dollars hidden in my jeans. Since then and until I returned to Romania in 1991, I lived on almost all the continents of the world and I have experienced different cultures.

Now I am an author, I write about my experiences, about the lessons and the struggles of my life. I only write about my experience because I don’t believe in “advice” – they aren’t worth anything, not even a cup of coffee.


There was a time, long ago, when I could see only barriers on route to the life I wanted to have. I didn’t have enough money, I didn’t have enough influence, I didn’t have…

In 1983, while living in Tel Aviv, in Israel, I had the priviledge to attend a non-linear education course, a course that transforms human consciousness, called Est Training.

I am profoundly grateful. I owe this knowledge my life.

I have three children. Living in Bucharest since 1991, I feel at home in any corner of the world and I keep doing what best expressed who I am: education that makes people aware that life is not a concept, they either explain it or live it – the choice is theirs.


In 2000 I have created the Foundation for Selfawareness and Personal Development through which Romania became the first Eastern European country that had access to this education; during 9 years more than 9000 people from Romania have participated.

As a successful business woman, after I sold my business in 2005 I have dedicated myself to coaching others.

I was a coach long before it became an actual job description and I have worked with tens of thousands of people worldwide.

I am an official PhotoReading® training since 2009. I support people in getting a better quality of life through my courses: The Time Master, The Authentic Speaker Program, The Stress Manager.


I am the founder of the Environmental Association Why Not Me. Through this association all of my knowledge and training in ontological education is put in the service of changing people’s mentalities and attitudes towards the environment.

“Why Not Me”, is a name that expresses a “way of being”!

A way of being responsible!

In short, it represents a paradigm shift for every human being on this planet, a shift from “I can’t” to “I choose to climb off my fence and do everything I can”.


Each and every one of us, the ones who make up 7 billion people, dwellers of this planet, can make a difference if we choose to.

You are this way through CHOICE!

In 2014 I started the project “Community for Education”. The ones who most need a new way of thinking are our children, they face the consequences of our actions.